Seasonal Affective Disorder

anxiety depression sadness tired winter yin yoga Nov 19, 2022

Hi everyone,

On the east coast of the US, where I live, the days are getting shorter and many of us are starting to feel the effects of less daylight.

The yin yoga sequence at the end of this blog post will bolster our inner light and hold space for the difficult feelings that naturally come up more often in winter.

If you're feeling sad, depressed, anxious, or tired - this will be especially therapeutic for you.

Here's what I know:

  • Outer darkness often triggers inner darkness. If we have yet to make peace with the fact that we won't feel SUNNY all the time.. winter can be even that much more challenging.
  • By going into the FELT sense of darkness and heaviness in our body, and letting go of the idea that these feelings are inherently "bad," we can actually find wisdom and pleasure right at the core of darkness and heaviness (yes - it's true!). 
  • We don't have to feel the same way during the winter that we do in the summer. 
  • Yin yoga and myofascial release for the lung meridian can help us process grief, sadness, lethargy, and anxiety in a gentle way that helps us FEEL BETTER. 

This series of 6 postures will awaken your inner light and clear your lung meridian.

They are...

  1. Wrist Stretch
  2. Pec Press
  3. Heart Bench
  4. Elephant Pose
  5. Peanut Pose
  6. Shavasana

For detailed instructions on how to practice each of these postures, check out my Yin Yoga Teacher Training manual here. You can also watch a full-length 1 hour recording of this practice when you join The Anxiety Support Group. 

If you're looking for some instruction about how to relax your tongue during meditation, check out my free guided meditations! There's a 10-minute "Relax the Tongue" practice in there that I think you'll love. 

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