Anxiety Support Group

Get everything you need to radically transform your relationship with anxiety. 

Here's what you'll learn... 


  • Why it doesn't matter what's causing the anxiety, but how anxiety feels in your body. 

  • Why it's SO hard to change anxiety and how yin yoga and somatic meditation can make a real difference.

  • What to do in a world where there are so few models of calm, centered people in everyday life.

  • How chaos will feel familiar in our body and calm will feel weird until we get used to it. 

  • How to get underneath all the worry and overthinking to heal the energetic root of your anxiety.


" Sally's teachings are essential to living a life of equanimity. She teaches you to feel fully and deeply rather than avoiding, pushing away, or stuffing your feelings." - Heather, mom of 3

You’re a good fit if you…

  • Feel stressed out and want a healthy, holistic way to unwind
  • Are looking for a compliment to talk therapy

  • Have tried other forms of yoga for anxiety but the effects never seem to last very long

  • Want to learn how to bring compassion to the part of you that gets anxious
  • Enjoy movement, especially strenuous exercise or cardio, but also want a stillness practice to support you in navigating your inner world

  • Are curious about how yin yoga and somatic meditation will help you feel more grounded, safe, and calm inside yourself.

“Sally’s greatest strength is her vulnerability. I'm sure you've experienced classes where the teachers seem so lofty and like they've reached this unattainable place. Sally’s teaching style is so different from them. She’s open about her own journey and practice. Something about her teaching goes deeper.   - Erin, yoga teacher


Dates: every Thursday night

Times: 8:00 - 9:00 pm ET

Cost: $89/month

Location: ZOOM from the comfort of your home  

Format: Each class is a blend of yin yoga and meditation


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What you get:


  • A 5-part mini-course on the Yogic, Ayurvedic, Tantric, and Taoist perspectives on healing anxiety. You get access to these videos immediately upon joining the group, and can watch them at your own pace anytime. 
  • Access to a weekly Thursday night live ZOOM class where we practice somatic yin yoga and somatic meditation specifically for anxiety.
  • The opportunity to share and vent about your anxiety with a group of like-minded, compassionate and non-judgmental people.
  • Recordings of all the Thursday night classes


" The most important thing I learned is to listen to my body and take care of it like it's the greatest gift I have been given in this world." - Lisa, psychotherapist.

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