"I've learned how to ask myself the right questions to get the answers I'm searching for inside myself."


- Lisa Perry

"It's such a relief and a RELEASE when I get done my practice. It's a beautiful feeling - like a constant wave of melting and letting go."


- Tina Scott-Wynder

"Sally's gentle cueing invites me into a state of deeper sensing and untangling of my inner terrain." 


- Nancy Nel Norwesh

"Through her gentle guidance, Sally creates a non-judgmental space where I feel safe to look at what's happening in my body and remain connected to myself and my breath."


- Neha Patil

"Every class with Sally brings me back to the heart of life's richest possible aims: self-acceptance, creativity and persistence in one's work, and love."


- Holly Haynes

"After tonight's class, I was so deeply relaxed I couldn't even speak."


- Liz Quinlisk