Workshops & Trainings

Date: Sunday October 1
Times: 4-6pm
Location: Yoga Shala Main Line, 954 Montgomery Avenue Suite 6, Narberth PA 19072
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Awaken a new level of physical and mental flexibility with this powerful journey through your body. You’ll learn how to move your awareness from external stimuli to the inner landscape and how long-held, passive yin yoga postures and myofascial release balls can soften even the tightest muscles.
Sally will show you how to transform your yin yoga practice into a moving meditation with the 5 Essentials. You’ll explore what it means to cultivate yin energy and drop your thoughts so you can feel what you feel. Tension will melt away as you lovingly merge your mind with your body.
Some prior experience with yin yoga is suggested.
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Dates: October 7/8, 28/29, Nov. 18/19
Times: Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 5pm
Location: Honor Yoga, Pennington, NJ
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Over the course of 3 delicious weekends, you’ll feel the immense physical and emotional relief that yin yoga gives to the whole body. Designed for teachers and students alike, this training will help you understand the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang in a very deep, embodied way. Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to vinyasa yoga as it teaches us how to slow down, be still and surrender. 
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