The Quiet Mind is Calling

Nov 14, 2023

It's been a few days since I have formally meditated. This is highly unusual for me, and I am working on not beating myself up or turning it into a sign that there's something wrong with me.

Has this ever happened to you?

Or has it been years since you've meditated and you're struggling to get back on your cushion?

There are so many GOOD reasons why we don't meditate. For me, the current reasons are:

1.) My right knee has been really bothering me when I sit down and after going to physical therapy for a month (which REALLY worked to eliminate the pain), I don't want to aggravate it. Of course I could meditate in hero's pose or in a chair or lying down on my back... but there are other reasons why I am not doing that...(read on to reason #2)

2.) I am in a relatively new relationship and we just bought a new house together. The newness of co-habitation and getting settled in to a much larger space that I am used to... has left my nervous system pretty overloaded on most days. I have prioritized things like watching funny tv shows or sleeping in over my meditation practice. 

3.) I also just had a birthday, and have been enjoying life so much. I have been having lots of FUN and eating lots of chocolate. Oy vey. I can't believe I'm writing that the reason why I haven't been meditating is because I've been having so much fun. But it's true. 

It's normal for me to hear people say "I haven't been meditating because I've been busy" or "I don't know how to meditate, so I don't do it." or "I've been going through a really hard time and I just can't bring myself to sit."

But fun??

Who ever says that fun gets in the way of meditation??

Today, I do!!

Phew. Deep breath. 

Here's what's on my mind, that maybe is useful to you, maybe not. But it is definitely useful to me, so I thought I'd share. 

Even though I haven't meditated for a couple days, I can hear The Quiet Mind calling me. And I know I will return to my practice when I'm ready. This kind of confidence has *ONLY* come because I have been practicing meditation on and off for over 19 years. (And most of the time has been ON.) There's a kind of confidence that comes from years and years of steady practice - that wasn't there for me in the beginning. 

Now I know that The Quiet Mind is always here with me. The Quiet Mind isn't judging me for skipping my practice, but it does want me to return. 

Some call it Buddha nature. Some call it God or Goddess.

I like all those names, but what really resonates and feels most true to me is simply "The Quiet Mind." 

Right now, The Quiet Mind is reminding me that it's here. That there's nothing wrong with me. And that I haven't failed. 

Oh, even just writing that makes me almost cry. 

If you've ever experienced The Quiet Mind, I bet you know what I mean. And if you haven't experienced The Quiet Mind (or YOUR Quiet Mind is maybe a better way to say it)... it would be my immense pleasure and sincere honor to introduce you to practices that will get you there. Somatic meditation has helped me and thousands of other people find a deep sense of inner peace and quietude. You can do it. I know you can. 

There are 2 spots left for the in-person Meditation Teacher Training that starts January 6th. And unlimited spots to attend online. 

I'd love to see you there.

With warmth and love, from one tender, vulnerable, imperfect human to another,

Ps - I'm off to meditate. If you like to hear these more personal accounts of my practice and how it's going, please reply to this email and write PLEASE KEEP SHARING. This will let me know you're interested in more than just the theoretical or universal stuff. 

If you're looking for some instruction about how to relax your tongue during meditation, check out my free guided meditations! There's a 10-minute "Relax the Tongue" practice in there that I think you'll love. 

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