Props You'll Need for Class

Sep 20, 2022

Most people start my classes with 2 yoga blocks that they buy from Target or Marshalls, a thick, warm blanket that they already have at home, and a tennis ball. Those things will work fabulously for about 80% of the postures I'll teach you. However, there are some postures that require different, more specific props. When you’re ready to invest (no rush, you can always improvise...) here’s what I would suggest:


  • 2 yoga blocks

  • 2 blankets

    • I really like the blankets by a company called Ibena. They are extra warm, wash very well, and last a long time without pilling or shedding. The size is also big enough to cover us taller or larger people more fully than a standard mexican style yoga blanket. The Ibena blankets are 59 x 78 inches and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can check them out here - I’d choose one that is in the cotton blend collection (they are 58% cotton / 35% acrylic / 7% polyester) They are the really sturdy and warm ones. The Mexican style yoga blankets from other companies also work just fine and are definitely much less expensive than Ibena.

  • A Roll Model Starter Kit 

    • You can order this here from Tune Up Fitness.  It includes 2 yoga therapy balls, 2 yoga therapy ball+ (slightly bigger), an alpha ball, and a corgeous ball. We use these balls to get into harder to reach areas, like your psoas and behind your shoulder blades. I promise it's a great investment. 

  • A foam roller

    • Any size, length or texture will do. An 18inch x 6 inch smooth one without any ridges or bumps is the least expensive and also most beginner friendly! Here’s an example.

  • A bolster

    • I would get a rectangular, very firm and thickly filled one like this. The dimensions of this style bolster are 24'' long x 6'' high x 12'' wide. You can also use 2 pillows or a couch cushion instead.

  • A yoga strap

    • Here's a link to a really nice, simple yoga strap. Anything like this will work really well. 

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