4 Reasons to Release Your Pelvic Floor

Mar 21, 2023
Many of you have told me about your struggles with pelvic floor pain over the years. Sadly, it's very common!
But others may not have pain ... and not know why it matters to still release the pelvic floor on a regular basis.
Here are 4 reasons to be brave and release your pelvic floor (whether you're in pain or not!): 
1. It stimulates the muladhara chakra, which is our energetic "root seat" and contributes to feelings of groundedness, contentment and equanimity.
2. It helps with tight hips. If you struggle with sitting cross-legged or have a nagging hip pain that won't go away, it's very likely that it has something to do with your pelvic floor muscles.
3. It can heal sexual and birth-related trauma, abuse, or insecurity. We'll go very very slowly and you can always take breaks any time. This is a tender, intimate area - but rather than ignore it or shy away - I've found it incredibly empowering and healing to work with the pelvic floor... just slowly and with lots of compassion for ourselves.
4. If you practice squatting, this class can dramatically improve your range of motion. Tightness in the pelvic floor limits how low you can drop your hips toward the ground when your knees are bent. Releasing your pelvic floor also really helps with knee pain during squatting! It's so cool.
If you'd like to purchase a recording of my 1-hour Yin Yoga for Releasing the Pelvic Floor class, that you can watch and re-watch anytime, just click here and where it says "which class would you like to attend" you can write Recording of the Pelvic Floor Class.
With so much love,
Ps - The majority of the class will be "warm up" postures to release the structures surrounding the pelvic floor (ie the psoas, the abdominals, the glutes, the piriformis, the IT band, the TFL).. and then just 15 minutes or so of "direct" pelvic floor work where we sit on therapy balls. I've found this to be the most effective and intelligent way of working with the pelvic floor. It's gentle and wise - not forceful or too intense. 

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