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Curious about somatic meditation?  

Somatic meditation may be the single most effective way of calming the mind, healing trauma and freeing ourselves from destructive behavior. Join me starting January 5th, 2024 for this immersive experience into the world of somatic meditation and radical self care.

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Below you'll find a free 20-minute guided somatic meditation recording. I'll talk you through each of the 5 essentials of Somatic Meditation and give you options for sitting up while you practice or lying down on your back. Sweet relief, here we come! 

20-minute Guided Meditation with the 5 Essentials

Looking for an on-demand Yin Yoga Class?  

This is one of my most popular on-demand, 1-hour Yin Yoga Classes. I think you'll LOVE it. 

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"I have practiced with Sally on many occasions and for many years. I find her sensitivity and kindness lovely, and I always walk away with a deeper connection to myself. I find her entire presence to be extremely healing, gentle, and nurturing."  - Kelly M.

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