“I used to be a walking head because I thought it was safe there. Now I’m in the process of becoming more embodied and looking at the mind in a different way. It’s so calming to practice in this way! Thank you very much Sally for what you dare to embody and teach!” - Siranouch K. 

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“As a teacher, I gained valuable knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of asana.  But overall I had one of the most important experiences of my life so far: the healing that stillness and silence bring.” -Holly H. 

“Sally brings incredible thoughtfulness, organization, wisdom, elegance, preparedness, depth of knowledge, and her own authentic voice to all she does and teaches. Her skillful, heartfelt and intimate style of teaching is precious and not to be missed, and enhanced my life beyond words. Sally holds the bar high for all of us. I left the training feeling prepared to teach but more importantly I left a changed and enhanced human being.” - Moira K. 

I am currently offering Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings and Meditation Teacher Trainings. Please contact me here to learn more. 



“Sally’s greatest strength is her vulnerability. I'm sure you've experienced classes where the teachers seem so lofty and like they've reached this unattainable place. Sally’s teaching style is so different from them. She’s open about her own journey and practice. Something about her teaching goes deeper. The example Sally sets has radically changed my own teaching in so many ways and hopefully for the better. She’s honest about how it isn't rainbows and unicorns all the time - that it's hard and takes discipline - and because of that she makes yoga feel possible (and worth it). Such a generous teacher.” - Erin B.