Teaching Schedule

Sally teaches one yin yoga & somatic meditation retreat per month. You can join online or in-person in Doylestown, PA.



MAY 18 & 19: The Liver Cleanse Retreat


The liver is responsible for both physical and emotional detoxification. Join Sally for this cleansing retreat for body, mind, and spirit. You'll practice yin yoga postures for the liver and gall bladder meridians, learn about the liver mudra, color visualization and emotional healing practices, and so much more. If you struggle with anger, irritation, impatience or any of the physical symptoms of liver imbalance - you are going to love this retreat! You'll also leave with some amazing Ayurvedic remedies and recipes to keep your liver healthy and strong all year long.

Times: Saturday or Sunday 12-5pm ET
*This is a 1-day retreat. You can choose if Saturday or Sunday works best for you. The content is the same on both days.

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JUNE 22 & 23: Healing the Heart Retreat


Whether you feel disconnected from your heart or overwhelmed by your feelings, you're not alone. It's normal to feel an ache of loneliness and an insatiable longing in your heart! Unfortunately many of us don't know what to do with these difficult feelings (other than STUFF them). In this deeply nourishing weekend, Sally will show you how to feel your feelings in a healthy way using the tools of yin yoga and somatic meditation. With an emphasis on the heart meridian, the heart chakra, and the physical heart organ - you will learn a truly holistic approach to self care and emotional wellbeing.  If you struggle with relationships, letting go of the past, or knowing what to do with your feelings, this retreat is for you.  

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JULY 20 & 21: The Quiet Mind Retreat


Join Sally for a very special weekend of yin yoga and somatic meditation to promote mental clarity. You'll learn how yin yoga postures can help you get out of your head - as well as how somatic meditation can help you rest between your thoughts, rather than trying to make them go away (total game changer!)  If you want to experience less distraction and more inner peace, this retreat is for you!  *Please note that this retreat also falls on Guru Purnima, a once-a-year yogic holiday that honors the teachers who have gone before us as well as the inner teacher that always exists inside each of us. As such, you will learn various methods of connecting with guru energy (that which takes us from darkness to light). The guru could also be described as that which takes us from a scattered mind to a more peaceful, organized mind.

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AUGUST 17 & 18: The Happy Hips Retreat 


If you have tight or painful hips, this retreat is for you! You'll learn the delicate balance between releasing the tension in your hips and keeping the muscles around your pelvis nice and strong. We'll explore both active and passive yoga postures as well as myofascial release for those common trouble spots like the psoas, piriformis, glutes, pelvic floor and IT band. Your hips are so important - not just for physical health, but also for emotional health, creativity and experiencing pleasure! Come explore what life would be like if you had more mobility in your hips, less stagnation of energy and greater access to your root chakra and sacral chakra. It's going to be amazing! 

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SEPTEMBER 14 & 15: The Deep Calm Retreat


Many people find that their anxiety increases in the fall. Thankfully we have the profoundly healing practices of yin yoga and somatic meditation to help us stay grounded. In this retreat, Sally's soft voice will guide you through yin yoga postures and somatic meditation techniques to specifically help cultivate stillness, steadiness, and contentment within yourself.  If you lead a very busy life or struggle with anxiety, ADD, ADHD, or just want to deepen your somatic meditation practice - this retreat is for you!

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OCTOBER 19 & 20: The Breast Health Retreat


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but where is the information about how to really take CARE of your breasts?  Join Sally as she combines the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Taoism to present you with simple, effective ways of caring for your breasts. Included in this retreat are a wide variety of yin yoga and myofascial release techniques as well as guided somatic meditations for clearing stuck emotions in the breast tissue and surrounding organs (especially the heart and lungs). If you have a hunch that there's more to breast health than just your yearly mammogram, this retreat is for you!

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NOVEMBER 16 & 17: The Gut Health Retreat


Digestive health is the foundation for whole-body health. Without an ability to sort through what we eat, see, hear, and feel, we will remain confused, exhausted, and feeling depleted. Digestion is so much more than just the breaking down of food and the assimilation of nutrients. It's the very fire at the center of our existence. In this retreat, Sally will share her favorite yin yoga postures for improving digestion as well as organ healing meditations that can address the root cause of our imbalances. If you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, IBS, leaky gut, pain in the abdomen after eating, bloating, gas, Crohn's disease, colitis, or any other digestive issue, this retreat is for you! 

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DECEMBER 14 & 15: The Gift of Silence Retreat


Join Sally for a relaxing, restorative weekend of deep rest and self inquiry. If you’ve been feeling stressed out or craving more inner quietude, this retreat is for you. Over the course of 2-days, Sally will guide you through 5 meditation practices that you can take home and use in your everyday life as well as 20 yin yoga postures to release tension from your body.  You’ll learn how to work with your busy mind in an effective, compassionate way instead of beating yourself up for being human. Each day includes a walking break, tea, and snacks. You’ll be asked to leave your cell phone in the car and bring a journal for writing about your experiences. You’ll also be asked to kindly enter and exit in silence - to maintain the atmosphere of deep listening. If you’ve never done a silent retreat before - this is a great way to start! Sally’s gentle guidance and clear instructions will help you feel right at home. 
This retreat is open to everyone regardless of flexibility level, perceived fitness level, or experience with meditation. The meditation practices can be done sitting in a chair, on the floor, or lying down on your back - there is no requirement or pressure (at all!) to sit crosslegged or in lotus pose.


What do I need to bring to the retreat if I attend in-person?

Please bring a yoga mat, a journal and a pen with you. Everything else you'll need (including props and water will be provided for you)

What do I need to have at home if I want to participate online?

You'll need to have all the props listed here (or be willing to improvise and get creative!), as well as a yoga mat, a journal, and a pen. 

Why is there a 1-hour break each day?

Slowing down and learning how to do less are at the heart of all of Sally's teachings. If the retreats were jam-packed with practices and lectures, you wouldn't have enough time to enjoy or integrate what you're learning!

What do people DO on the 1-hour break?

During the 1-hour break you can eat, sleep, read, take a walk, talk to your fellow students, friends or family members.. or whatever your heart desires! Most students find this 1-hour break to be a really lovely part of the day. You can just see how you feel and take it from there! It's great practice for slowing down in everyday life once the retreat is over.

Do I need to leave my cell phone in the car, or turn it off for the day?

Yes! If you are attending the retreat in-person, there are no cell phones allowed! You can leave it in your car and check your phone during the break if it's too hard for you to be away from it for the full 5 hours. 

What if I'm attending online? How can I take space from my phone?

I highly recommend turning your phone to airplane mode and leaving it in another part of your house if you are attending online. 

If you struggle with checking your phone even if it's in another room, maybe consider one of these awesome cell phone lock boxes.

What if I can't attend live on ZOOM, but would like to purchase a recording of the retreat to watch later?

You can do that! Simply register as usual, and choose the online option at checkout. You will be emailed a copy of the recording by the Tuesday following the retreat. 

Do I have to have experience with meditation prior to registering for a retreat with Sally?

Not at all. There are no expectations around how much you've meditated in the past. The most helpful thing you could bring into a retreat is an open mind and a willingness to be gentle and patient with yourself.

Do I have to have experience with yoga prior to registering?

It's not required, but I think you'll enjoy my teaching more if you have done yoga for at least 2 years. It's 100% ok if you haven't been consistent with your practice lately. It's just that I'm not the best teacher for people who are brand new beginners to yoga. I've been teaching yoga for a very long time and there are yoga terms and basic yoga principals that I have become so accustomed to using - that they will inevitably slip out of my mouth, without much explanation. You are always more than welcome to ask questions, but I think if you're brand new to yoga - I would recommend attending some beginner classes at your local studio, or online, at least 1 month before the retreat starts. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more about your unique situation. 

Are Sally's retreats only for women?

No. All are welcome.

(*With one exception: The Breast Health retreat in October is for women only.) 

Do you offer a BIPOC discount?

Yes. I am disheartened by the lack of racial diversity in most yoga and meditation circles. If you are Black, Biracial, Indian, Latina, Asian, Native American, or African, or have been discriminated against in your life because of the color of your skin, I offer a 50% tuition reduction, and you can use the code REPARATIONS at checkout to automatically get your discount. For the white women who are reading this - if it disturbs you that you are asked to pay full tuition, and others are not, I ask you to please read more about the history of White Supremacy in our country and consider enrolling in another course. I feel that social justice is as important to our full embodied mindfulness as anything else. I would not be here if it weren’t for the racial privilege of my parents, and I want to do whatever I can to include more of our Black and Brown sisters in this deeply transformative and empowering work.  At checkout, just enter the discount code: REPARATIONS


How will I watch the recordings of the retreat?

At the top of the page here, you'll see a button called LOGIN. Once you register for the course, you'll create a unique username and password - and then use that to login - all from the comfort of my website. No other links or passwords required. 

How long will I have access to the course materials for?

You'll have access to all the course materials, including all the videos and guided meditation recordings, for life. You can go back to them long after the course ends and listen or watch as often as you'd like.

Do you offer refunds?

If you sign up for a retreat and would like to cancel at least 7 days before the retreat begins, you will receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative fee. If you cancel less than 7 days before the retreat, you will receive a 50% refund. Once the retreat has begun, I cannot offer you a refund. If something comes up and you cannot attend in-person, you can always watch the recording instead. 


What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions about the course please don’t hesitate to reach out via email on the contact page.