Emotional Healing Meditation for Loneliness and the Heart

** This is an 18-minute audio recording that will immediately be sent to you via email. You can listen to it over and over again as many times as you'd like. The link never expires. **

To be human is to experience loneliness sometimes. If you distract yourself from ever feeling lonely, or get stuck in your head about relationships, I think you'll love this meditation.

Rather than trying to "fit in" or "pretend you're fine," Sally's soft voice will help you make space to feel your heart's deepest desires without judgement or self-criticism.

The steps of this practice include: 

  • An opening relaxation practice 
  • A mudra (sacred hand gesture) 
  • A body scan 
  • A healing sound 
  • A healing color visualization 
  • An emotional memory practice where we go back in time to recall even one moment where we felt love and spread it through the body like a nectar  

Many people report that turning TOWARD their loneliness has helped them find true self-love and genuine human connection for the first time in their life. 

You can listen to the entire recording all at once or just listen to a few minutes at a time, as your schedule permits.  




$20.00 USD