Dakini Meditations

Do you struggle with difficult emotions like anger, sadness, depression, jealousy or overwhelm?

If you do, you're not alone! These Dakini Meditations can help. Here's what you get...

  • An Earth Dakini meditation for healing insecurity, low self esteem and a poverty mentality.
  • An Air Dakini meditation for healing indecision, jealousy and anxiety.
  • A Space Dakini meditation for healing overwhelm, deliberate ignorance and avoidance.
  • A Water Dakini meditation for healing anger, sadness, and depression.
  • A Fire Dakini meditation for healing addiction, attachments, and loneliness.

You'll also learn how each of these emotions are related to different organs, and how chanting mantras, visualizing colors, and connecting with elements can transform our consciousness and free the inherent, embodied wisdom that is always living inside of us. 

Each meditation is about 30 minutes and needs to be done in a seated posture. These meditations are the rare ones, amidst the other somatic meditations that I teach, where I do not recommend you do them lying on your back.

You can most definitely sit in a chair to do these meditations. You don't need to sit on the floor. Any upright posture where you're comfortable will work. 

$24.99 USD

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