Yin Yoga for the Vagus Nerve (2-hour Workshop)

If you experience stress, anxiety, digestive issues, dizziness, migraines, nausea, fainting or high cortisol levels - this workshop is for you! You’ll learn how the vagus nerve is the direct link between your gut and your brain, and how stimulating your vagus nerve can help with a wide variety of symptoms.
Sally will explain *exactly* where the vagus nerve is and then expertly guide you through specific breathing practices, self massage, yin yoga, myofascial release and chanting to induce a deep state of calm.
Come explore how good your body can feel when you improve communication between your gut and your brain.

“I found the ability to surrender, the peace in stillness, the art of doing less, the embrace of balance.” - Theresa M.


$40.00 USD