Emotional Healing Meditation for Anger and the Liver

** This is an audio recording that will immediately be sent to you via email, and that you can listen to over and over again as many times as you'd like. The link never expires. **

This 23-minute meditation will teach you how to be with anger in an embodied, compassionate way. It is truly life-changing and paradigm-shifting.

The steps of this practice include: 

  • An opening relaxation practice 
  • A mudra (sacred hand gesture) 
  • A body scan 
  • A healing sound 
  • A healing color visualization 
  • An emotional memory practice where we go back in time to recall even one moment where we felt compassion (the opposite of anger), and spread it through the body like a nectar  

Anger is sacred and can be extremely healthy, but also one of the hardest emotions to work with because of its intensity.

In this empowering, insightful meditation you'll learn 6 new tools for letting anger be there, and then letting anger pass without blaming others and without thinking there is something wrong with you.

Sally's soft voice will help you get curious about the felt sense of anger and where it lives in your body. You'll learn how to make peace with yourself and eventually find compassion for others. 

If you've struggled with anger, how to express it, or what to DO with it, this meditation is for you.





$20.00 USD