Yin Yoga


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Yin Yoga offers a precious opportunity for self-care based on cutting-edge fascial research and the time-honored wisdom traditions of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Hatha Yoga.

When we hold yoga postures for more than 90 seconds in a passive way -- without muscular effort -- it pressurizes the connective tissue and fascia, which releases deep-seated tension and re-hydrates the joints. Yin Yoga is literally like getting a massage or acupuncture for your whole body.

During the 9 years that I’ve studied Yin Yoga, I’ve been blown away by the positive effect it’s had on my life and the lives with whom I’ve shared this practice.

I’ve seen profound changes in my students’ bodies, ranging from increased flexibility to a dramatic decrease in their frequency of migraine headaches.

For myself, I never could have imagined how this simple practice could calm my anxiety and leave me feeling like a different person after I’m done.

Once we soften into the idea of letting go, most of us find tremendous physical relief from things like back pain, neck tension and general body-aches.

With time, a Yin Yoga practice becomes a time we look forward to -- and even crave -- because it provides us with the gentle, compassionate space to be fully ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable, how emotional, or how stressed out we may be.