Private Sessions Overview

I offer a variety of private sessions, all of which are customized to your unique body and your specific concerns at this time in your life. Sessions can be held in person in Doylestown, PA USA or online using Zoom (a private platform - similar to Skype, but without the possibility of others calling in while we are in session). Phone sessions are also available if you prefer not to use video. 


Personalized Yin Yoga Practice

Includes both discussion and practice time. We start with you telling me about your concerns - body, mind, and emotions. Then, based on your preference, I either suggest a list of yin yoga postures to practice on your own or guide you through them in our session - observing, instructing and encouraging you while you practice.  You must be able to set up your computer screen so that I can view not only your face while we talk, but also your full body on the mat. Open to all levels, beginner to advanced.

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Holistic Health Consultation

This session is for anyone looking to improve their physical, mental, or emotional health. Our time together consists of me asking you questions about your symptoms, your body, your digestion, your sleep, your eating habits, your cravings, your job, your relationships, etc - as much as you are willing to share, so that I can get a good picture of what might be causing your suffering. Then I offer what I feel might be helpful foods, lifestyle changes, herbs, yoga, or meditation practices. 

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1-Hour Guided Three Gates Meditation Instruction

This session is for those who are new to the Three Gates Meditation technique, or who are new to meditation in general. We spend about 20 minutes talking so that I can get to know your body and mind. Next, I suggest options for a comfortable meditation posture that suits your body's current needs. Then I guide you through the practice with your eyes closed for about 20-30 minutes. We finish with as much detailed question and answer as you would like, and tips for continuing to practice on your own. 

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30-minute Guided Three Gates Meditation Practice Session

This session is for those who have already had a 1-hour Guided Three Gates Meditation Instruction, but need help "making themselves do it." If you like the support of a live teacher, and are ready to just dive in, this shorter session is for you. We chat for a maximum of 5 minutes at the beginning, and have 20 minutes of actual meditation with our eyes closed. I save 5 minutes at the end to check-in and see if you have brief questions or anything you'd like to share about your experience.