The Quiet Mind


The Quiet Mind

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A Yearlong Meditation Course to Heal Anxiety and Depression

Dates: Wednesdays May 1, 2019 - April 29, 2020
Times: 11:30 - 1pm
Cost: $1500 if paid in full by April 19. $1650 after.
Payment plan option: $140 deposit at time of registration. $140 per month starting June 1.
Location: 4725 Gordon Road, Doylestown PA 18902

The quiet mind doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedicated, regular practice to learn how to drop our thoughts and open to the rawness and beauty of life. This is where most of us struggle. How do we create and maintain a daily home practice? Is it possible to prioritize meditation over the pressing daily needs of family, work, eating, sleeping, and cleaning?

And then there’s the issue of anxiety and depression. Even if we can make time to practice, most of us are eventually overcome with physical and emotional discomfort. In other words, stuff comes up in meditation, or as a result of meditation practice, and we don’t know how to work with it. Most of us think that when meditation gets hard, we should stop. We get scared, overwhelmed, or just bored, and there goes our regular practice out the window.

The truth is, no one has ever awakened on their own. We all need community. We need teachers, support, advice, and more often than not, just another human being who will listen to us without interrupting, trying to fix, shame, blame, or diagnose us. 

Thankfully, cultivating a quiet mind is not impossible, it’s just highly unlikely without daily practice and without the proper understanding of where a quiet mind comes from.

Whether you’ve been clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression or not, all are welcome to attend this transformative course. We will work with our emotions, our bodies, and our minds in an extremely loving and patient way. Our willingness to be vulnerable and tender toward our experience will come with time and is never forced.

The root of anxiety is disembodiment. The root of depression is disconnection from our basic goodness. I define anxiety as a shaky feeling, being ungrounded, and worried about life. Depression is feeling despair, disconnected or disinterested in life. When anxiety and depression are healed it looks like a feeling of being at ease in one’s body, grounded, courageous and open to life.

My outlook is that anxiety and depression will never fully disappear from our lives, but that a daily meditation practice can dramatically reduce their intensity and frequency long term.
We learn to get curious about what anxiety and depression have to tell us, especially in an embodied, somatic, felt way. We learn to cultivate tenderness toward the parts of us that are suffering.

It’s important to understand upfront that it’s not just possible, but highly likely and even desirable that there will be times when our anxiety and depression seem to be getting worse throughout the course. When this happens, it’s not a time to run or drop-out, or panic, but rather the most precious opportunity to welcome our demons who have been so terribly ignored, denied and shamed all along. 

The container of our weekly meetings and the optional support of private sessions, referred bodywork, psychotherapists, etc insures you will be held with compassion and practical tools for working with strong emotions when they arise. We will always go very slowly and you are never asked to share or talk about anything you don’t want to. 

This course is designed for people who are committed to taking care of their mental health in a holistic and spiritual way. It’s open to those with no clinical symptoms as well as those who have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. If clinical symptoms are present, it’s required that you continue working with your licensed mental health professional and stay on your medications for the entire course, or until you, your therapist, and Sally all unanimously agree that you are ready to reduce or stop taking your medications.

Sample Weekly Schedule
11:30 - 12 Yin Yoga
12 - 12:30  Guided Meditation
12:30 - 1 Discussion

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