100 Hour Yin Yoga Training

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100 Hour Yin Yoga Training

from 350.00

Dates: January 26 & 27, February 23 & 24, March 30 & 31, April 27 & 28, May 18 & 19
Times: Saturdays & Sundays 12 - 6pm
Location: Integral Yoga Community Center, Princeton
Cost: $1250 if registered by December 31st, $1350 after
Registration: please click here to make your payment online. if you’d like to pay with cash or check please email sally@sallymilleryoga.com.

Yin Yoga offers tools, techniques, and a somatic approach to deepening your spiritual practice. In this training you’ll immerse yourself in Yin Yoga asanas to release tension from the muscles and fascia, as well as move your awareness from external stimuli to the inner landscape. Learn from an embodied master who has helped thousands of students take their mindfulness practice to another level.

For those interested in teaching, you’ll leave feeling well-equipped with a detailed understanding of how to teach each posture, sample sequences for organ meridians, emotions, common ailments, and more, as well as practice teaching experience, and feedback from your peers and Sally. For those who aren’t interested in sharing the practice with others, the training provides an incredible transformation of body and mind, with no pressure to teach Yin Yoga.

Included in Yin Yoga Training...

  • 10 Guided Meditation Lessons to reduce anxiety and induce a calm state of mind

  • 10 Guided Yin Yoga Classes to learn the poses in your own body, through your own experience, and with various modifications

  • 3 Philosophy Lectures on Taoism, Yin & Yang, 5 Elements, 10 Organs and Spiritual Practice

  • 4 Yin Yoga Lifestyle Discussions on creating a sacred space for practice, timing and scheduling your practice, the yin breath, and dharana techniques, as well as sample yin yoga sequences, contraindications and rewards of yin yoga, staying balanced with Yang Yoga and caring for yourself as a Yin Yogi

  • Yin Yoga Ethics: Yamas & Niyamas, Boundaries and Business

  • Physical Anatomy, including fascia, principals of joint mobility and soft tissue release exercises as well as organ anatomy and disease correlation

  • Energetic Anatomy, including mapping the meridians, emotions and their organ correlations

  • Guided Emotional Healing Meditations

  • Teaching Methodology, including the role of a Yin Yoga teacher, how to hold space, and a teaching feedback circle

  • Practice Teaching for those who are interested

  • Options to take only 30 hours of this 100 hour training (as a Yin Yoga Immersion), OR only the 70 hour Teacher Training. To register for only the 30 or 70 hours, please see those separate programs on www.sallymilleryoga.com.

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Payment Plan option: $350 due at time of registration, 5 payments of $200 due 2/23/19, 3/30/19, 4/27/19, 5/18/19, 6/22/19