Meditation Retreat

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Meditation Retreat

from 199.00

Dates: Saturdays Dec. 1 and/or Dec. 8
Times: 10am - 8pm
Location: Private Home, Lawrenceville, NJ

Cost: One Day $199, Both Days $395. Scholarships and work trade opportunities are available. Email for details.

Prices include home-cooked vegan lunch and dinner each day


According to Tibetan Buddhism, the body is always in the awakened state. So why do we suffer so much? Why do we constantly feel stress and anxiety? And what is it about the holidays that trigger our overwork, nervousness, loneliness, and guilt? In this course, we will explore how the mind creates realities that are based on past hurts, trauma, fear, and identities. Through deep relaxation of our tongue, face, and belly (The Three Gates) we’ll learn about another way of being in the world, one that is vulnerable but beautiful, tender and open, and most importantly grounded and connected with others and with our own essence. Somatic meditation offers us a chance to remember our basic goodness and genuine warmth toward other beings. This course is a potent remedy for everyday stress and is open to anyone with a few months of sitting experience and at least 1 year of yoga practice. If you have questions about the course, or these prerequisites, please email

You will learn:

  • What Somatic Meditation is and how it differs from Mantra, Mindfulness, Visualizations, Affirmations and Breath meditation

  • How to practice the Three Gates Somatic Meditation Technique in a seated, reclined, and walking position

  • How relaxing the Three Gates (tongue, face, and belly) changes our perception, our nervous system, and our mood

  • How to choose the most appropriate meditation posture for your body, your energy level, and your lifestyle

  • Detailed anatomical instructions for all meditation postures, including a color handout with pictures of each option for ease of use

  • Why modifying your meditation posture is vital for your success

  • How to let go of common myths and misunderstandings about the “type of people” who can meditate and what meditation “should look like"

  • How to relax your body and mind even when life is swirling at a fast pace all around you

  • How to meditate at home when you live with others, including children, who do not practice

  • The specific power of somatic meditation for creating a lasting sense of inner peace and calm

  • How to work with distractions, both internally and externally

  • How to work with emotions in your formal meditation practice and in your daily life

  • How simple changes in your daily routine can help create a mental attitude that craves meditation instead of sensory stimulation

  • The felt sense of what it’s like to be in your body in a loving way

  • How compassion can heal chronic tension and stress

  • The transformative power of practicing meditation in a group

The course includes 3 periods of guided practice each day (some seated, some reclined, and some walking), as well as short yin and yang yoga practices, multiple lectures and many opportunities for question and answer. There is a lunch and dinner break each day that is taken in silence. 

Space is limited to 20 students, and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration closes on November 16th.