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70 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Dates: April 27 & 28, May 18 & 19, June 22 & 23
 12:00 - 6:00pm
Cost: $825. Includes Manual. (a payment plan is available)
Location: Integral Yoga Community Center, Princeton NJ
Registration: please click here to make your payment online.

Building upon the practice, theory, energetics, and anatomy that we covered in the Immersion, we'll now dive into the practice with new eyes: How to share what we've learned. My emphasis is on teaching from a place of experience, authenticity, and clarity. This is a unique and powerful training because it involves looking at yourself, your habits, your fears, your voice, your ego, etc, as equally important to your teaching as the details of each posture or your knowledge about the philosophy of Yin Yoga. It's my belief that your energy and your home practice have a dramatic effect on the experience of your students. 

Here's what's included in the Teacher Training:

  • Teaching Methodology, including the role of a yin yoga teacher and how to hold sacred space

  • Sequencing a Yin Yoga Practice for Others

  • How to Modify for Injuries on the Spot

  • How to customize a private client's practice with prior knowledge of their injuries, illnesses, and movement restrictions

  • Practice Teaching Games

  • Practice Teaching with Voice Recording

  • Building Confidence as a Teacher

  • Individual Practice teaching opportunities for each participant

  • Yin Yoga Lifestyle: Creating a home practice and caring for yourself off the mat

  • Teaching Yin Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

  • Working with Emotions in Practice and in Life

  • Emotional Healing Meditations, including the Organ mudras and Organ healing sounds

  • Five 90 minute guided yin yoga practices, one for each of the 5 Yin Organs, with their associated Emotional Healing Meditation

  • Four 20 minute guided meditation practices

  • Written feedback about your teaching from Sally and from your peers. All written feedback is confidential, compassionate, and constructive.

Please note that this training is only available to those who have completed the 30 hour Immersion. If you have taken one of my teacher trainings in the past (as long at it was at least 30 hours), you are welcome to take the 70 hour Teacher Training to continue refining your skills. If you have taken another yin yoga teacher's training, but not mine, I ask that you please start with my Immersion before enrolling in this Teacher Training. I've found over the years that I teach and practice Yin Yoga in a unique way, and that other trainings will not necessarily cover the 5 Essentials (Feeling, Relaxing, the Three Gates, The Yin Breath, and the Pause). Of course many of them have immense value, and I highly recommend that you study with various teachers, but you will need to have experience with my style of teaching and practice before enrolling in this teacher training. If you have questions about this, please email Monica at

Graduation Certificates and the 100 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Course

The 70 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training includes 35 non-contact hours, which include various homework, fascia-related projects, and reflection on public classes that you take at various other yoga studios in your area to gain exposure to other ways of teaching yin yoga and to learn from other teachers besides Sally. Upon completion of the 30 hour Immersion and the 70 hour TT, including completion of your homework, you will receive a 100 Hour Graduation Certificate. This certificate is required for Sally to endorse that you are ready to teach yin yoga publicly or privately.