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30 Hour Yin Yoga Immersion

Dates: June 8 & 9, June 29 & 30, July 20 & 21
Times: Saturdays & Sundays 12:30 - 6:30pm
Location: DIG Yoga, Lambertville, NJ
Cost: $495 if registered by May 25th, $525 after
Registration: Register through DIG Yoga

Are you ready to deepen your practice? Curious about yin yoga and how it really works? Wonder why you feel so amazing after class, but struggle in certain poses? The 30 hour Immersion is packed with practices, philosophy, energetics, anatomy, and meditation to help you cultivate your yin energy (and understand what that even means!). We go deep into Taoist Philosophy, and how our culture is so predominantly yang. We explore how to modify poses for your own body, how to be with yourself in quiet, and how to take these teachings off your mat and into your life. The Immersion is open to anyone, but having taken at least a few public yin yoga classes before you enroll is a good idea. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced students of yin yoga are most welcome, as are people who think they're not flexible.  Everyone who enrolls adds an important perspective to our discussions, no matter their body type, age, or physical ability! 

Here's what's included in the Immersion:

  • Detailed Instructions, Discussion and Variations for 25 Yin Yoga Postures

  • Six 30-minute Guided Somatic Meditations

  • Six 90-minute Guided Yin Yoga Practices

  • Six 30-minute Meridian Healing Practices

  • Dedicated Time for Question and Answer

  • Six 90-minute Philosophy / Science / Yin Lifestyle Lectures

Lecture Topics:

  • What is Yin Energy? What is Yin Yoga?

  • How to Practice: The 10 Guiding Principles, The Five Essentials & How to Setup Your Home Sanctuary

  • Organs of Emotion

  • The Meridians

  • Fascia

  • The Right Brain

  • Building a Yin Altar