Meet Sarah Powers

When I was 26 I met Sarah Powers at a workshop in Lenox, Massachusetts. I had anticipated meeting her with great enthusiasm. Her book, Insight Yoga, radically changed my personal practice of yoga, and helped me understand how slow, passive postures offered a much needed counterpart to vinyasa yoga. 

Sarah was offering a short Yin Yoga Teacher Training, and one of the only in-person trainings on the East Coast at that time.  

Her energy was warm, and rich. She emitted a calm, peaceful presence that I now know to be the mark of a dedicated practitioner. 

Sarah currently teaches workshops and retreats all around the globe, and while her resume and credentials are absolutely outstanding, it's not her academic rigor or her years of experience, but her compassion and heart that I wish to share with you. 

insight yoga.jpg

If you haven't yet read her book, I encourage you to pick up your copy soon. Insight Yoga explores the Taoist principals of yin and yang with great clarity, and provides detailed instructions of how to practice a variety of asanas for the whole body/mind matrix. 



Sarah's website, is a valuable resource for yogis and non-yogis alike, to learn about themselves and come to a greater understanding of the nature of mind. She writes an incredible blog, with recent posts like "The Suffering of Change is Not Inevitable," and quotes like  "life is to be met with sacredness as it is so beautifully and poignantly fleeting."

Sarah's eyes always seem to glisten with a sincere sweetness. During our time together, she spoke of organs, and meridians. She spoke of emotions, and mindfulness. I still have a feeling of closeness towards her in my heart.

A unique attribute of Sarah is that she weaves her stories of family life and relationships into her teachings in a way that is relevant and poignant to those of us who also have families... and relationships. There are so many nuns, monks, priests, and aesthetics who teach about meditation and consciousness.... that to have a down-to-earth, "I've lived this stuff just like you..." kind of teacher, is priceless. 

Sarah also has a few DVDs available for purchase on her website, so you can practice with her expert guidance any time you'd like. And no, she didn't pay me, or ask me to publish any of this. As her student, I am honored to share her teachings and find great joy in spreading the light of her practice.