The Saddle Chair for Happy Sitting

My husband Eric and I have taken to listening to podcasts in the car (it's so sweet - we alternate taking turns choosing which topics we'll listen to). It's a lovely ritual and fun way to spark conversation.

Eric used to be a personal trainer, and so he's often looking for new and inspiring insights into the world of fitness, which totally floats my boat, too.

So when Eric suggested we listen to a Ben Greenfield podcast about a new kind of chair, that made sitting infinitely more comfortable, I was all for it!

Now if you've never heard of Ben Greenfield (I hadn't), he's one of the nation's top personal trainers. His content is incredible, and he really knows his stuff. 

Ben was interviewing a Finnish inventor named Jussi Jalkanen, who invented the saddle chair based on a healthy sitting concept he calls "Salli." How cool, a chair named after ME :)

The Salli concept is that your regular chair creates many imbalances in the lumbar spine, compression in the pelvis, and is basically setting you up for poor posture and an achy back. When I listed to the podcast, it all made so much sense!

Now the Salli chairs aren't cheap - and truthfully I haven't made the investment yet - but at least now I know what I'll purchase when the time is right, and that it's not our fault for slouching while we sit. It's the chair!

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Or click here to listen to the podcast

Here's to sitting happy!